Килим PETIT PONY пони кръг сиво

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височина на руното: приблизително 13 мм

общо тегло: приблизително 2,5 кг/м²

вид прежда: 100% полипропилен

страна на производство: Турция

▪ производител: Dywany Łuszczów

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  цена на доставка от: 33,83 лв.
  пратка изпратена в рамките на 48 часа
  международна доставка
  30 дни за връщане на стоките
  2 години гаранция
  Изпращане с наложен платеж. В случай на избор на тази опция молим, да се свържете с нас за уточняване на цената на доставката.

109,45 лв. с вкл. ДДС

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PETIT - children's room rug

Every parent dreams of creating a cozy and safe room for their children. The PETIT rugs helps this dream come true.
Soft and warm carpets in beautiful colours will brighetn and revive your kids room. And at the same time provide a lovely space to play.

Kids may be difficult to look after. As soon as they start crawling, they are everywhere.
This is why it's so important to protect the surfaces on which they move.
Carpets are not only a beautiful decoration that adds charm to kid's room, but they also create safe space - thanks to the soft fibers used in the production process.
The PETIT collection of children's rugs is made with care for the health of the youngest - this product is safe for children who are struggling with allergies.
The use of synthetic fibers and short and soft bristles, prevents mites from developing in the rug.

Characteristic features of the PETIT rugs:

- a theme loved by all children combined with fashionable, pastel shades will brighten and rivive the interior;
- made of polypropylene heat set frize 2PLY, which makes it not only very durable, but also safe for allergy sufferers;
- the use of double-twisted yarns, such as frieze, prevents the rug from creasing even under heavy furniture - the beautiful appearance is preserved for years;
- the rug is soft and very pleasant to the touch and giving a 3D effect thanks to the use of cut-out patterns, it will stimulate sensory development and encourage kids to specd the time on play;
- it can be adapted to romms in all sizes - it's available in a wide range of sizes: from 120x170 cm up to 200x290 cm;
- the collection is available in round and rectangle shapes.

If you're wondering how to combine beautiful home decor and security - you have just found the perfect solution.
Children's rugs from the PETIT collection will meet all your expectations. Your child's joy and safety are priceless to us.




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